Starting Making 750k Monthly Outsourcing High In Demand Digital Services to International Companies with Pressing Needs

 The “Perfect Business Model” Every Nigerian Should Know About

Once in a while, I get messages on my Facebook page from people who want me to advise them on what online businesses to do.

Last week alone, I got 17 such messages.

12 of them were from people who are looking for a profitable business with little to zero capital that they can start asap.

If you have been on the internet for some time now, you must have come across many gurus teaching about different online businesses

But if I were to recommend a profitable online business for any Nigerian who doesn’t want to spend any money to set up an online business and who has about 1 Hour to spare per day, I would recommend a secret business model called Drop Servicing (Not Drop Shipping please).

What Is Drop Servicing & Why Do I Recommend It for You?

​Before I tell you what Drop Servicing is and why I recommend it, I want you to stop for a moment and think about what a lot of International companies spend their money on asides from salary, infrastructure, events…

If you think about it carefully, you will agree with me that most of these companies spend their money on digital services that help them to generate more revenue.

Services such as:

  1. Copywriting
  2. Graphics Design
  3. Software Development
  4. Video and Animations
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Advertisements

– Etc

The point I am trying to make is this…

“International Companies and  Businesses spend a lot of money every year on digital services and that is why learning tech skills is a buzz and  many young Nigerians with high-paying digital skills are making cool money online”

​The market for these services is HUGE and UNLIMITED.

And the majority of these services can be outsourced on freelancer websites like Fiver and Upwork

But unlike freelancers and people with tech skills, you do not need to learn new tech skills or register as a freelancer to make a lot of money rendering a digital service to international companies with pressing needs.

As a matter of fact, you could make millions from a single digital service when you learn how Drop Servicing works

I am not sure what your income goal is…

Maybe it is an extra N500,000 a month

Or N1 million a month

Or even N5 million a month

The Drop Servicing Business Model I am about to reveal to you can make it happen for you (that is if you are not lazy like many people are)

How Does Drop Servicing Work?

I am about to explain how the Drop Servicing business works and I will be using a story to do this

This is the story of Franklin Emmanuel, an Online Entrepreneur, Sales Funnel Expert & Coach. 

He is passionate about helping individuals and online business enthusiasts create a path to financial freedom using simple strategies I share on my blog

He got two gigs from his clients and was too busy to deliver it himself

The first gig was worth N500K and the second gig was worth N350K

He got some freelancers will to do the job for 200K and 100K respectively

When Franklin delivered the job to his clients, they loved it and gave him very good review

Within that same month, he went on to deliver two other gigs

And the total amount of money he realised for the first month was 760k

That’s some cool money

He also narrated how he went on to make 3.5k within his second month of doing the business

Think about it – How many online businesses do you know of where you can make 750k without doing anything yourself?

750k is a small amount to make in one deal when you learn how Drop Servicing works

Imagine if 6 clients in the US contact you to build their website, and you charge them $2.5k each and pay a freelancer only $500 to build each website

How much would you get in Naira?


That’s millions of naira in a single month

Now if you take a good look at this story (you can read it again), you will be able to understand what Drop Servicing is all about 

But in case you don’t, let me spell it out clearly for you

​Drop Servicing is All About 3 Things:

Step 1

You search for at least one Profitable Digital Service that is in high demand. A digital service that solves problems for people or helps them to get closer to their desired goal

E.g. In the example above, Franklin is a provider of different digital services

Step 2

You find a client with a pressing problem and is willing to pay huge amounts to solve their problem

E.g. Franklin’s 2 clients who needed his service and were willing to pay him 500K and 300K respectively

Step 3

You find a skilled freelancer that is willing to do the job at a lower price without knowing the background story

E.g. The freelancer he found on that did the job for him  for 300k and 100k respectively

The bigger the client, the more money you can make

This is why I said earlier that you can make millions from rendering a single Digital Service when you learn how Drop Servicing works

Later on, you can expand to more services and start your agency

Right now, the overall Drop Servicing business in Nigeria is beginning to catch fire

This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend this business model.

I also recommend the Drop Servicing business model because:

·         ​You don’t need a spend any money to set up your business

·         ​The demand for Digital Services is HUGE and UNLIMITED (you will never run out of clients)

·         ​You don’t need a shop or office to start

·         ​It is not time-consuming

·         ​And the profits can be fast and crazy

​As you can see, this business is not for unserious people.

But the good thing is that you can turn your time into a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use a proven system.

Talking about a proven system, let me invite you to a guy who has a training for starting a successful Drop Servicing Business in Nigeria

​His name is Francis Uloko and he is the pioneer of Drop Servicing in Nigeria 

Actually… He is the first person that created the most complete and comprehensive training on Drop Servicing in Nigeria to date

His goal is to single-handedly raise hundreds of millionaires in Nigeria by teaching them how to profit from the same business you are about to learn

And some of Francis’ students are young people and some are people with employment who just want a better life

This business is straightforward but many people still fail at it because they don’t understand how it works.

I want you to succeed with this and that is why I want you to watch this intensive 30 minutes video training by the Drop Servicing expert (Francis Uloko) where he explains how you can start a Drop Servicing business and make it profitable within a few weeks.

This Video Training Will Show You:

·         How to identify and select hot services that are currently in high demand

·         ​How and where to find freelancers that will do the job at a lower price

·         ​How to design an effective online system for promoting your business

Of course, this business isn’t for everyone.

But if you really want to take this serious, I would recommend that you watch this video training from Francis Uloko

Click the button below to access the video training.

​​​​One more thing…

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is – IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that Francis Uloko explains in the video above

This business is actually an improved form of selling.

And selling is the most guaranteed form of business on earth

What you are doing here is – You are rendering digital services that are in high demand at a high price and getting someone else to do the job at a lower price and keeping the difference

And you are doing it without having to sit down in a shop waiting for customers.

Instead, you will position yourself as an authority and clients will look for you to help them solve their problems

It is now your decision to make.

Watch the video training to get started